Surf Courses Perth

Provided by Scarborough Beach Surf School

Surf Course Level 1

Surfing Lessons Perth Level 1 Adult

In our Level 1 Surf Course you will surf on our easy to surf – ‘Safe Softboards’ – we will teach you how to stand up and get you surfing all the way to the beach.

Surf Course Level 2

Surfing Lessons Perth Level 2 Adult

Intermediate wave negotiation. We will choose a fiberglass board that suits your level from our huge selection of boards and then get you surfing consistently on it.

Surf Course Level 3

Surfing Lessons Perth Level 3 Adult

Our Level 3 Surf Course is designed for those who can catch the odd green wave but still have a little trouble with their timing and want to get the right tips to catch green waves.

Surf Course Level 4+

Surfing Lessons Level-4-Adult

Our Advanced Surfing Lessons are designed  for those surfers who love surfing with us on a regular basis. Also for those surfers who want to learn how to read waves.

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